A. There are 6 Compulsory papers:- Compulsory paper-paper I to IV.

  • Education in Emerging Indian Society.
  • Development of lecturer and Teaching-Learning Process.
  • Educations system in Indian & School organization.
  • Essentials of Educational Technology & Class – Room Management.

B. Content – cum methodology of Teaching (Teaching Subjects)
Paper V and VI
(Opt for any two subjects from the following two groups. The teaching subjects should be of one group)
Group I :

  • Teaching of English
  • Teaching of Hindi
  • Teaching of Social Science
  • Teacher of History
  • Teaching of Geography
  • Teaching of Economics
  • Teaching of Sanskrit

Group II :

  • Teaching of General Science
  • Teaching of Chemistry
  • Teaching of Biology
  • Teaching of Maths

Group III :

  • The teaching of Book Keeping
  • The teaching of General Commerce

Note: Only those students can opt for “Teaching of Social Studies” who had any two following subjects in their graduation Level :

  1. History      
  2. Geography 
  3. Political science
  4. Public administration
  5. Psychology     
  6.  Philosophy

C. Special Paper – Paper VII : Choose any one from the following options :

  • The teaching of General Science
  • Educational & Vocational Guidance
  • Environmental Education
  • Educational Technology
  • Population Education

D. Qualifying Paper – Paper VIII
Computer Literacy and its Educational Applications this paper in divided into 2 parts :

  • Theory: 60 Marks
  • Sessional work Practical: 40 Marks (Sessional work is subdivided in 3 parts)
    • Practical test: 15 Marks
    • ii) Report Writing: 15 Marks
    • iii) Viva – Voice: 10 Marks

Note: It is compulsory for the students to pass in the theory as well as sessional/Practical papers.